The lock screen is the new social feed!

Our flagship product is The Blast App, it allows you to blast messages directly to your friend’s lock screens and have individual conversations with each recipient seconds later. Think BCC on email but for mobile!


TBA is not your typical online communication service!

  • Blast Private allows you to blast private messages - via push notifications - to your real friends. No one else in the TBA community can see these messages.
  • Blast Public allows you to blast public messages - via push notifications - to everyone that is following you. We do not show you who your followers are in hopes that you and your followers will engage more authentically. And only you can see how many followers you have.
  • Blast Safety allows you to send “emergency” and “check-in” blasts to your Safety Network by pressing one button
  • Blast Marketplace allows you to sell and buy items from other members in the TBA community.
  • Blast Loyalty Points shows the value that you bring to the TBA community. You earn points by blasting content in Discover, sharing your referral code, or buying them.
  • Blast AMA allows any member from the TBA community to host an Ask Me Anything and promote anything they want to share.

TBA Community Accounts!

For $99 a month TBA Community Accounts will allow you to blast direct messages to members of your private community lock screens then have private conversations with each recipient. Your community will also have their own private category where they can blast messages to each other. You also will be able to collect community data by sending real time polls, surveys, and viewing blasts.


6 Reasons to Use TBA Community Accounts!

TBA Community Accounts are the most effective, efficient, and authentic way for you to connect with your community and for your community to connect with each other.

77% of blast are seen because they are delivered via silent push notifications.

Stay connected in real time with your most loyal supporters, employees, and customers.

Allow your community to unite and build individual relationships with each other.

Have authentic conversations and build individual relationships with your most loyal supporters.

Send your community polls and surveys and collect real time data.


Likes on your traditional social media account don’t really mean anything anymore.

Comparing Organic Reach

Below is a percentage of how blasts seen by TBA followers compares to tweets seen on Twitter and posts seen on Facebook:






The Blast App!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of the most common questions we have received over the years

What is The Blast App Inc?

The Blast App Inc is a suite of messaging apps. Our pioneer app is The Blast App (TBA). Our goal is to build a suite of messaging apps that are effective, efficient, and authentic.

Is TBA free to join?

TBA is free if you use a referral code of a current member of the TBA community or if you purchase a Patron badge for $24.99.

How do you send a blast?
  • Press the (+) button on the home screen and create the message
  • Select the recipients and press BLAST!
  • Have individual conversations with all recipients seconds later for up to 24 hours - after that all regular blasts and chats are deleted forever
How much are TBA Community Accounts and how can it help me?

TBA Community Accounts are $99 a month including tax. TBA Community Accounts will help you communicate with your community more effectively, efficiently, and authentically which may lead to better relationships, a better organization, and more money. The price will rise as we continue to upgrade the features for the TBA Community Accounts. However, if you create an account you will be godfathered in and pay $99 for life!

Who are TBA Community Accounts for?

TBA Community Accounts are for anyone with a smartphone that has a community and wants to communicate with them in real time and collect data. TBA Communities accounts are good for bars, restaurants, entrepreneurs, social groups, churches, building owners with tenants, and many more.

What is Info by TBA?

Info by TBA is a public opinion tool that allows us to gather important public opinion data and share it with the world. Create your profile today at

Do you have any other messaging apps releasing soon?

We are working on a Mentor message app that gives all of your mentees and mentors a fun and safe place to communicate. If you are interested in testing Mentor by TBA with your organization, please reach out.

Are you looking for partners?

We are working on a product called Blast Deals. If you are interested in blasting deals directly to lock screens of our community members who are looking for deals please reach out. If you are a mobile game developer and you want to build games for our community, please reach out. If you are an investors and are thinking about becoming a partner, please reach out. And lastly, we are not officially hiring but if you think you have skills that can help TBA messaging apps make online communication more effective, efficient, and authentic, please reach out.